BOTS First Steps

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Bedford Outpatient Therapy Specialist is a free-standing outpatient therapy clinic, established in 1995, in Bedford, IN. Our experienced friendly pediatric therapists work with First Steps children in their homes and natural environment as well as with older children in our pediatric department at Bedford Outpa-tient Therapy Specialists. Our pediatric services extend to providing services in several school systems in the state. Through our established and award winning clinic, we work with children ranging from infants to high school athletes – completing the continuum of a full scope of expert pediatric services! 

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Bedford Outpatient Therapy Specialists specialty-trained therapists, most of whom are parents themselves, strive to make therapy sessions playful, fun and therapeutic. Parents and care-givers are encouraged to participate in sessions and collaborate with our skilled and enthusiastic thera-pists in planning a course of treatment that will most enhance the child’s natural growth and develop-ment. Sessions are held comfortably in the home, daycare, your choice of natural environment or in the pleasant pediatric area of our outpatient clinic (only if desired and convenient). 

OUR GOAL: To use play combined with therapeutic techniques that will empower caregivers by providing the proper education, resources, and support systems to ensure therapeutic activities and progress are carried over into the family’s daily routine in order to reach developmental, academic and functional milestones. 

OUR THERAPISTS: Our services incorporate the skills of occupational, physical, speech and developmen-tal therapists who work closely with service coordinators and physicians to provide the highest level of comprehensive services for the child. Our speech therapists specialize in helping children to improve their abilities to understand and express themselves. Our SLPs have experience working with children who have speech and language delays, developmental and cognitive delays and Autism Spectrum Disor-ders. Depending on the child's communication needs, therapy may include the use of gestures, basic signs, picture symbols, and/or speech generating devices so the child can communicate while developing spoken language skills. Our physical tharapists use fun and play activities to facilitate development of strength, coordination, balance, motor planning, flexibility, sensory processing, muscle tone, and more. Our occupational therapists use interactive play activities and a family-based treatment approach. Our OTs are skilled in neuro-developmental treatment, sensory integration, car seat safety, feeding, hand-writing and more. Our developmental therapists pull together the entire plan of care and incorporate sound education based principles to support the therapeutic process in its entirety. 

DIAGNOSES TREATED: Include but are not limited to Developmental Delay, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hearing Impairment, Cleft Palate, TBI, Tortocollis, Hydrocephaly, Prematurity, Spina Bifida, and PDD.